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1SecureAudit is consistently looking for a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and extensive client management experience in our Senior Consultants, Project Leaders and VP, Practice Directors. Many candidates bring impressive credentials and projects to the firm because they are not satisfied with the obvious answers and approaches at their current company. At 1SecureAudit, our team deepens their skills, knowledge and business thinking on issues of vital importance in the Defense, Energy, Banking & Finance, Health Care, Research & Technology, Telecom and Transportation industry sectors.

Current Offices Expanding:

El Segundo, CA

At 1SecureAudit, we look beyond your superior intellect and want to learn who you are as well as what you really want from your next career position. As an employee-owned private firm, we offer a Partner Equity and Profit Distribution Model that is second to none. Our Fidelity 401K plan, Aetna Group Medical, Dental, Life & Disability and Hartford $5M General Liability are available to designated Equity Partners.

Discover where you might fit at our firm by comparing the education and experience of our positions below to see if they accurately describe your background. Our process for interviewing consists of an initial phone meeting followed by a case interview, extensive background check, academic transcripts and final interview. The case interview takes up the greatest part of the interview process. There are no correct answers yet we look to your analysis, methods and defensible solutions to a specific client problem. First however, we need to complete the phone meeting. This is our way of getting to know you and without a fixed format. This is when we make our go or no go decisions. In order to start the process, please contact us and we will be in touch with you soon.

1SecureAudit works directly with interested candidates and has a long standing relationship with a single outside recruiting firm that understands our requirements. We respectfully decline inquiries by head hunters or other recruiting agencies.


VP, Practice Director
1SecureAudit Vice-President, Practice Directors are proven professionals with established track records as both outstanding consultants and project leaders.They want to run their own practice area with their own P&L as their own independent business. As rainmakers for new client projects they work on business development expanding the practice and generating new client proposals. Directors are responsible for sharing insights generated from client projects and internal research with the firm. They help communicate 1SecureAudit ideas to clients and the media. In this capacity, 1SecureAudit VP, Practice Directors function as advocates in the larger business community, devoting considerable time to networking, public speaking and publishing to build their client relationships. These exceptional business leaders interact closely with project teams and inspire individuals to the highest professional and ethical standards. They have a Bachelors degree, Masters or advanced certifications and 15 - 20 years of experience.

Project Leader
Reporting to a VP, Practice Director, 1SecureAudit Project Leaders are the core component of the 1SecureAudit organization. Project Leaders are assigned to manage a project team while utilizing expertise in specific methodologies, technologies and business knowledge. Their work is more complex and focused on specific deliverables to be on time and within budget. They also provide team leadership by creating work plans and communicating project status to senior 1SecureAudit Directors. Project leaders have a Bachelors degree and a minimum of 10 years experience combined with relevant certifications and clearances.

Senior Consultant
Reporting to a Project Leader, 1SecureAudit Senior Consultants are true professionals in their discipline or subject matter expertise. They work independently or as a key associate on a project team. Consultants move into the Project Leader position after they have demonstrated that they have the skills, knowledge and leadership potential to manage a team. Consultants have a Bachelors degree and 7 - 10 years of experience.

Contact us at: Careers(at)1SecureAudit.com