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How can we assist you today?

- Governance Strategy Execution...
- Corporate Integrity & Compliance Management...
- ORM Frameworks...
- eDiscovery...
- Digital Forensics...
- Enterprise Security & Investigations...
- Cyber Resilience...
- Predictive Intelligence & Visual Analytics...
- Continuity of Operations...

The professional services outlined in our
Enterprise Solutions Brief are representative of a majority of the work we have performed with our clients. They are for illustrative purposes only. We design a custom solution for each one of our clients business problems. Each operational risk problem is unique and requires a distinct strategic and tactical approach to remedy the situation. Once we have diagnosed your requirements we can provide you with a comprehensive value-based profit improvement proposal with examples of our deliverables.


We utilize a team of multi-disciplinary practitioners to provide relevant advice, solutions and knowledge transfer to public and private executives. Our Practice Directors are experts in business process management (BPM), complex legal matters, eDiscovery, digital forensics, regulatory compliance, supply-chain risk managment, continuity of operations, emergency preparedness and business crisis communications, accounting and finance, information technology, and security.

People Risk

· Employee Fraud / Malice
· Unauthorized Activity
· Rogue Trading
· Employee Misdeed
· Employment Law
· Loss/lack of personnel

Process Risk

· Payment / Settlement
· Delivery / Selling
· Documentation / Contract
· Valuation / Pricing
· Internal / External Reporting
· Compliance

Systems Risk

· Technology Investment
· Development
· Access
· Capacity
· Failures

· Security Breach

External Risk

· Legal Liability
· Criminal / Terrorist Activities
· Outsourcing
· Suppliers / Insourcing
· Disasters / Infrastructure
· Regulatory / Political

How do you know "What" and "Where" threats are the greatest risk to your resilience today?


Governance Strategy, Corporate Ethics & Regulatory Compliance Practice - GRC


Business Crisis & Continuity Management Practice - BCCM


Enterprise Security Risk Management Practice - ESRM


Emergency Preparedness & Response Practice - EPR


Terrorism Risk Management Practice - TRM


Predictive Intelligence & Human Risk Factors Practice - PIHR

Each project team is assembled with the correct intellectual assets and experience to efficiently and rapidly address each of our clients unique requirements. Our due diligence and unobtrusive approach is welcomed by organizations that are looking for answers to highly complex business issues. Today; not weeks from now.